Our Story

Sugar Taylor Sauce is an invention that happened in the kitchen of the Chapman family. Today, we’re thrilled that so many of you like it that we have been compelled to bottle the sauce and offer it in 14 oz. gourmet bottles as well as in 4-gallon foodservice cases for restaurant use.

Here’s how it all started…

A couple of years ago, I (Andy) began learning how to BBQ and smoking meats, and one afternoon with about 30 friends set to arrive at our house in a matter of minutes for a backyard BBQ, we realized we had plenty of fantastic smoked meat – but no BBQ sauce in the pantry.

I called one of my favorite BBQ and meat smoking experts, Chef Andy Cook, and I asked him the a scary question: “How do you make BBQ sauce?”

First batch of Sugar Taylor sauce!

With a few pointers from Chef Cook, we grabbed ingredients from our pantry, and we were off. Our youngest, “Sugar” Taylor, was manning the whisk as we stirred, tasted, mixed, tweaked and added more of this, a little more of that. After about an hour, we were staring at our first ever batch of “Sugar Taylor Sauce” – quite a large batch, I might add.

Thankfully, our friends all loved the sauce, and we sent many of them home with little “to-go” bottles. The next few days were filled with texts and phone calls from friends sharing how THEY had used the sauce in different dish creations. Several wanted more sauce.

More sauce posed a problem.

We didn’t start with a recipe, and so we didn’t have a way to make an identical batch. But we did have a sample left of the original version to use as a comparison. After several test batches and quite a few minor tweaks, Sugar Taylor Sauce finally had a real recipe, and it’s original fans still liked it! 

Eighteen months and dozens of “home batches” and refills for our friends later, we met with our friends at The Saucery in Ocean Springs in November 2013 to begin work on making a “real” batch of Sugar Taylor Sauce. Our first bottling run in December 2013 was delivered to our biggest fans just in time for Christmas gift giving.

Check out our Sugar Taylor Sauce Buzz page to hear some of the comments and funny re-orders we’ve already received.

We hope you enjoy it and appreciate its versatility as much as those who encouraged us to bottle the first batch do!