Foodservice Inquiries

If you are a chef, restaurant owner or foodservice kitchen manager interested in sampling Sugar Taylor Sauce or using Sugar Taylor Sauce on your menu, please contact us here. Someone will be in touch very soon.

Sauce Composition: Sugar Taylor Sauce is a mustard / vinegar sauce base sweetened mostly with locally sourced summer honey. The sauce is attractive visually with a glistening gold tone and large black pepper grounds and a twinkle of red pepper in the background. Sugar Taylor Sauce mixes and extends well with a variety of ingredients including dairy and oils, which also serve to dilute the spice without losing the product’s extraordinary mouthfeel and balance on the palate. When heated, it thins and will caramelize beautifully in many applications. An artful combination of ingredients gives a surprisingly brilliant and memorable finish to each bite.

Foodservice Distribution: Sugar Taylor Sauce will soon be available through all major foodservice distributors for convenient and timely delivery to your business. To add another layer of profitability to your Sugar Taylor Sauce experience, you may source gourmet bottles for tabletop condiment use and/or resale in your restaurant from your distributor.

But don’t worry – just because your favorite distributor delivers your product, you will always have the full support and availability of our Sugar Taylor Sauce team to help you make this product a time-saving and money-making decision for your business!

Product Uses: Sugar Taylor Sauce has been sampled and used by a number of chefs and cooks in professional kitchens across the Deep South. We would be happy to put you in contact with them for ideas or general networking – just ask! In the meantime, check out our Sugar Taylor Sauce 101 and our Sugar Taylor Sauce Recipes collection to get your creative wheels turning.

Marketing & Promotional Benefits: Sugar Taylor Sauce is a great product, and when you put it on your menu by name, we will provide you with unmatched marketing support including listing of your menu item and photos on, submission of your menu item to local media for added exposure for your restaurant to your local market and beyond, social media exposure to our national audience, check presenter info cards, free product to support contests & giveaways and more.

If you sell Sugar Taylor Sauce gourmet bottles as a retail add-on in your restaurant, you may be entitled to additional marketing and promotional benefits described here.