“Here’s the thing….I absolutely do not like honey mustard. I tell you this to emphasize how great I think Sugar Taylor [Sauce] is!! Absolute perfect balance of heat and sweet!! Very well done my friends!”
-Tasho Katsaboulas, owner Kat’s Wine & Spirits, food & wine lover


“We LOVED it!! …I’ve used it on chicken, hamburgers, and just had thick-cut pork chops Monday night… DELISH!!”
-Maria M., elementary teacher & home cook


“Soooooo good on baked wings…” -Miah B., home cook “…very good stuff! Goes GREAT on some grilled pork tenderloin!!!! Chapman did awesome with this stuff…”
-David Ferris, Executive Chef at Babalu Tacos & Tapas


“I gotta give you props. I’m cooking with this Sugar Taylor Sauce tonight and it’s awesome.”
-Ryan K., social media manager, craft beer lover and backyard chef


“Sweet, tangy, salty, sour, spicy… Perfect”
-Chef Jay Parmegiani, Executive Chef and owner at ROCA Restaurant and 10 South, Vicksburg, Mississippi