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Valine's Famous Cocktail Sauce - 9.6 oz Jar (Pack of 2)

Valine's Famous Cocktail Sauce - 9.6 oz Jar (Pack of 2)


Tangy tomato, fresh lime juice and a generous dollop of grated horseradish give this all natural sauce a distinctly bright and zesty flavor. What was once a treasured family recipe only available in her quaint Southern community along the Savannah River, Valine's Famous is soon to be a staple in every seafood lover's home.


Naturally, a perfect condiment for seafood ... from shrimp to fried fish to oyster shooters, Valine's transcends the shoreline making a killer burger topping, a memorable meatloaf, and robust Bloody Mary. A few of Valine's favorite uses:

  • seafood platters, shrimp cocktails, fish or shrimp tacos
  • crab or fish cakes
  • lowcountry boil
  • mix-in for meatloaf,  sloppy joes, Bloody Marys
  • finishing sauce for deviled eggs, cheese spread
  • condiment for burgers (beef or venison), French fries, tater tots, hushpuppies
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