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Gift Pack with Southern Food Products

Gift Pack with Southern Food Products

Solving the problem with what to get that person, who can't cook anything, and the person who can cook everything... 

- 1 - Sugar Taylor Sauce Savory Grilling Sauce (glass gourmet bottle) 

- 1- June Bugg Rub - All Purpose Seasoning (two part shaker lid spice jar)

- 1 - June Bugg Rubb Steak & Brisket (two part shaker lid spice jar)

It's the perfect gift set, that's even better because we're offering FREE SHIPPING on this particular item!

Sugar Taylor Sauce is our signature sauce that is beyond versatile. Chefs and cooks have used this sauce to easily prepare crowd-pleasing dishes like gourmet burgers and pizzas, smoked brisket or pork butts, baked beans, dipping sauce, cole slaw, fish tacos and more. We love to use this spread on our smoked pork tenderloin sliders! 

June Bugg Rub receives raves as one of the most incredible and versatile all-purpose seasonings on the market. It was created as the perfect blend of sweet and heat, with a pinch of rich coffee, and chipotle powder to finish it off. We started using this for Boston Butts on the smoker, but quickly moved to steaks, burgers, chicken, fish tacos, french fries and almost anything savory. You'll agree that June Bugg is perfect on any meat and many vegetables and snacks, too! Plus, it's a completely free of preservatives and is gluten free. It makes for great grill marks on burgers and steaks, and you'll love the flavor.

Now June Bugg Steak & Brisket is sweeping the lands with the peppery crust you'll crave on a steak. I'm proud to say that it's one of the best things we've ever tasted, a steak with June Bugg Steak & Brisket is pure magic on a fork.  It's also amazing to get the perfect brisket  crust that even those picky Texans will love. 


All told, this is a phenomenal gift package that your cook of choice will love. These ingredients compliment almost any dish, and almost any style of cooking. We don't recommend it with ice cream, but actually, I've never tried it, it might be good

Have a question we didn't answer? Pick up the phone and call right now and we'll do our best to answer.  If you want to order corporate gift boxes or place a bulk order, please  send an email to info@eatyall.com for special service and pricing. We love our southern food products, and we know you'll love giving them, too.

$ 29.95