Sugar Taylor Sauce Nachos

May 09, 2014 Andy Chapman

This recipe is truly the one that launched our Sugar Taylor Sauce into the mass market, and even better, it's great to have the kids help make this one! It's a beautiful dish; it's fun to make; and it's fun to share as a big appetizer for a party. Portion size isn't as important as just building this dish from the bottom up, so we'll go through the ingredients you'll need. Your favorite tortilla chip (our family favorite is Tostito's Scoops) Mexican finely shredded three cheese blend Shredded pulled pork, chicken, or ground beef Sugar Taylor Sauce tomato sweet yellow...

Open-Faced Pork Loin BLTs

May 09, 2014 Andy Chapman

Got Versatile. That's what we did to mix it up a little for a party last weekend. We had a pecan smoked pork loin with a rich smoky flavor with a touch of heat and coffee in the rub. It was leftover in the fridge - along with a little of this and that of other random ingredients - and I wanted to think of a different way to use it for a party. To make this dish, we wanted to use leftovers, but also use Sugar Taylor in a little different presentation.  My good friend Chef Stuart Gates made a "whipped...

Feeling Saucy with these Sugar Taylor BBQ Shrimp

May 09, 2014 Andy Chapman

Aside from the great food I've eaten over the past few years, I think the really neat people and stories are probably my favorite part about this business. I had the pleasure of having one of my favorite chefs and a great friend, Frank Szymanski, come over and cook for a special occasion this past week. In the past, we've had a lot of fun talking restaurant concepts and menu ideas, and recently (more on this coming soon), he even did some Sugar Taylor Sauce recipe concepting and cooking with us. We love catching up with Frank when he's in...