How to use Sugar Taylor Sauce

May 09, 2014 Andy Chapman

We put together a short video answering the big question "How do I use the sauce?"  A couple of our biggest (yet smallest) fans answer the question together with some great ideas on ways you can use it! How to use Sugar Taylor Sauce

Sugar Taylor Nachos

May 09, 2014 Andy Chapman

Aside from the very first backyard BBQ when we made that emergency batch of sauce, Sugar Taylor Nachos is the dish that launched Sugar Taylor Sauce into immense demand among friends, neighbors and church family.  Are you hungry for Sugar Taylor Sauce yet? Sugar Taylor Nachos with pulled pork, melted cheese, fresh avocado, tomatoes, green onions and fresh jalapeno in Granny's black iron skillet.

Sugar Taylor Sauce's Young Fans

May 09, 2014 Andy Chapman

Over the past few months, Sugar Taylor Sauce has been tested and supported by more people than we can keep up with including everyone from "Food Networks Toughest Critic", Iron Chef America Judge and author Simon Majumdar, to the kids next door. We're always surprised and impressed with how Sugar Taylor Sauce is appreciated and used in so many different ways! But this example is one of our favorites. Here's what one of our youngest fans said as they included Sugar Taylor Sauce into a school journal project about their class pet's day. "Harvey tried Sugar Taylor Sauce. He liked...